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Machiavelli deluxe

Bruno Faidutti (author), Andrew Bosley (illustrator), Simon Eckert (illustrator)

Machiavelli deluxe

Bruno Faidutti (author), Andrew Bosley (illustrator), Simon Eckert (illustrator)
  • 9-11 years and up
Machiavelli Deluxe bestaat uit het basisspel, uitbreiding "De Donkere Landen", 9 nieuwe karakterkaarten en 12 gebouwen
Machiavelli deluxe
Bruno Faidutti
Andrew Bosley Simon Eckert
Almere: 999 Games, © 2017
1 doos
Voor 2 tot 8 spelers Speelduur: 30 tot 60 min. Inhoud: 90 gebouwenkaarten, 27 karakterkaarten, 15 actiekaarten, 27 karaktertegels, 5 eigenschaptegels, 30 goudkleurige munten, 1 kroon, 8 overzichtskaarten, spelregels Vermelding op doos: doelgroep 10-99

About Bruno Faidutti

Bruno Faidutti (born 23 October 1961) is a historian and sociologist, living in France, who is best known as an author of board games.

Early life and education

Bruno Faidutti studied law, economics, and sociology, eventually earning a doctorate in History by writing about the scientific debate in the Renaissance on the reality of the unicorn. His favorite authors are Thomas Pynchon, James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Salman Rushdie, and Umberto Eco, his favorite movie, Andrei Tarkovsky's Andrei Roublev. He came into the world of hobby gaming through Cosmic Encounter and roleplaying games, and was one of the first French Dungeons & Dragons players.


Bruno Faidutti has created and published over 40 board and card games. His best known games include Knightmare Chess (1991) and Citadels (2000), as well as Mystery of the Abbey (1993,…Read more on Wikipedia