Board game Multiple languages


Bruno Cathala (author), Ludovic Maublanc (author), Sylvain Aublin (illustrator)


Bruno Cathala (author), Ludovic Maublanc (author), Sylvain Aublin (illustrator)
  • 9-11 years and up
Aan het hoofd van een internationaal archeologie team is het jouw taak om kampen in alle uithoeken van de wereld op te zetten en de lang verloren gouden scarabeeën terug te vinden.
Bruno Cathala Ludovic Maublanc
Sylvain Aublin
Multiple languages, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Pont-a-Mousson: Blue Orange, © 2018
1 doos
Voor 1 tot 4 spelers Speelduur: 15 tot 20 min. Inhoud: 4 sets van 12 kamptegels (1 set per speler), 4 sets van 4 archeologische site-borden ( 1 set per speler), 4 sets van 8 rotsen (1 set per speler), 4 kaders die het spelveld omkaderen, 72 scarabeefiches van 1-2-3 & 4 punten, 1 stel van 12 missiekaarten, spelregels Vermelding op doos: doelgroep 8+

About Bruno Cathala

Bruno Cathala (born on 23 July 1955 in Pamiers, France) is a French judge. Currently President of the Tribunal de Grande Instance (Civil and Criminal Court) in Évry, France, he was the first Registrar of the International Criminal Court, a post he held from 3 July 2003 to 9 April 2008.

The Registry is responsible for the non-judicial aspects of the administration and servicing of the Court. As the first incumbent of the post of Registrar, Bruno Cathala set up a strategic plan making it possible to ensure the quality and fairness of justice at the ICC, the safety and security of victims and witnesses, the competence of Defence counsel – in particular by establishing a list of counsel authorised to practice before the Court, public information and outreach, and the Court’s presence in the field through its field offices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, the Central African Republic and Chad.

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